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Two-Chamber Autoclave

모델명   :   IR-DPC-600
제품특징   :   User may perform two different tests to maximize testing efficiency.


Model IR-DPC-600 (Dual Chamber)
Heating Method Convection
Internal W440 × D390 × H550
External W1500 × D2180 × H1900
Process Chamber Material SUS304 Polishing
Temperature Control Method Programmable PID Control
Thermocouple Type K-Type
Temp Uniformity Set temp. ±3℃ at 60℃ (Design Temp : 230℃)
Chamber working pressure 16 kgf/㎠ (Max 22 kgf/㎠)
Pressurizing method Provided by CDA & Booster
Pressure Control Increase / Decrease: Valve (segments) control
Heater Sheath Pin Heater
Air circulating method Sirocco Fan + Motor
Motor Shaft Sealing Magnetic Driver Seal