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Autoclave – Steam Sterilizer
Vertical Type

모델명   :   AC-48
제품특징   :   The whole sterilizing process is simply-operated


  • Auto water supply system - for safe usage within a long period of time
  • Digital PID Control - Precise Temperature Control (Auto-Tuning)
  • Pressure gauge included to check inner pressure.
  • Simply-Operated -> The whole sterilizing process is done by pressing one button.
  • Manual valve is included for any possible emergency cases
  • When over-pressurized, safety vavle and Over Temperature Limit will be automatically operated.


  - For sterilizing purpose
Model AC-48 AC-65 AC-80 AC-100
Chamber Volume (ℓ) 48 65 80 100
Controller Digital PID auto-tuning with control system
Temperature Working Range 90℃ ~ 130℃ (up to 125℃, generally 121℃)
Accuracy ± 0.2℃
Capacity 2.0KW 3.0KW 4.0KW 5.0KW
Sensor Temperature Pt 100
Pressure 0 ~ 3kg/㎠
Material Interior Stainless steel 30t
Exterior Double painting & baked
Vent tank PP bottle 2~3L
Timer Digital
Safety devices Over temp. limit, and NFB, pressure solenoid valve
(Emergency stop option)
Internal Ø300×570mm Ø350×570mm Ø400×570mm Ø350×570mm
External 670×600×1077 720×650×1170 770×700×1170 820×750×1170
Electric requirement AC 220V, 1, 60Hz
※   Other specifications can be negotiable with us.