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Vacuum Oven / Rotary Type
Rotary Vacuum Oven

모델명   :   RVO-20
제품특징   :   The rotating performance of the chamber consistently brings great quality in drying materials.


  • Easily-usable clamps for better sealing quality
  • CERAKWOOL insulation applied in the chamber
  • Flow guide is installed in the chamber for active mixing during its rotation
  • Foot master is used for easy-movability and prevents from any possible ground shaking.


Model RVO-20
Electrical Requirements 220V / 380V 60Hz 3P
Temperature Range 45 ~ 250℃
Temperature Control / Stability 5℃ (±10℃)
Vacuum Degree Down to 5 To At ampty
Controller PID Controlled microprocessor touch pad & Digital Display
Overall Dimesion (mm) W x D x H 1800 x 910 x 1900
Chamber External 320 x 390∮
Internal 260 x 280∮ x 20L
Chamber Material Stainless Steel
Note Programmable controller, Cold trap bath (Option)
※ Chiller / Cold trap / Vacuum pump / Purge Heater are optional accessories.
※ Other specifications are always negotiable with us. 


product1_img1.jpg 1. Clamp is used for better sealing.
2. CERAKWOOL insulation is applied in the chamber.
* A flow guide is installed for well-circulation in it.     
product1_img2.jpg * Foot Master - prevents from slight shaking of the equipment and it is easily fixable.