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                      2017          APR   Plasma Technology Research Center (AC-48)
                                    FE B  Luminus Korea (FO-794S)
                                    J AN  Hanyang University (VO-125)
                                    J AN  Chungbuk National University (IR-PC-10WS)

                      2016          DE C  BIOSM Indonesia (VO-27, AC-48)
                                    NOV   LG Chemical Research Center (VO-216, PCT-105)
                                    NOV   Samsung Electronics (VO-317S)
                                    OCT  Kolon DACC Composites (VFO-512S)
                                    AUG  Hanwha Asan Factory (VO-125)
                                    AUG  Hanwha Advanced Materials Corporation (VO-64)
                                    JUL   GS CALTEX Research Center (RVO-20)
                                    JUL   KCC Research Center (IR-SEMI-550-800F)
                                    MAY   LS MTRON (VC-806S, APC-1200S)
                                    APR   CrucialTec (Autoclave)
                                    MAR   SK BIOLAND (VO-216)
                                    MAR   Korea University (Temp. Humidity Chamber)
                                    FE B  DUKIN (VO-640)
                                    J AN  Daesung High Tech (Two-chamber vacuum & convection oven)
                                    J AN  Daejung Chemicals & Metals (VO-960)

                      2015          DE C  LSIS (HAST chamber)
                                    NOV   LG HAUSIS (TZFO-500TS)
                                    NOV   Samsung SDI (Autoclave)
                                    OCT   SKC Suwon Factory (VO-27)
                                    S EP  Henkel Korea (Autoclave)
                                    J UN  GD TECH (Autoclave)
                                    APR   Samsung Display (Autoclave)
                                    APR   LG Chemical Yeosu Factory (BD-700)
                                    FE B  IM TECH (IVO-100S)
                                    FE B  Hanwha Chemical Yeosu Factory (VO-486S)

                      2014          NOV   Chengdu Sichuan Telecom, China (PCT-48)
                                    OCT   INOTOUCH Technology (Autoclave)
                                    MAY   DYTOS, Netherlands (Autoclave)
                      2013          DE C  Hicell, Vietnam (Autoclave)
                                    OCT   LG Chemical Research Center (Vacuum Chamber)
                                    MAR   Seoul National University / Pohang University of Science and Technology (Vacuum Oven)

                      2012          OCT   Korea Academic Institute of Science and Technology (Vacuum Oven)
                                    S EP  Samsung Electronics (Autoclave)
                                    MAY   LG Chemical Research Center (PCT-48)
                                    FE B  Patented in vacuum-degree-error-analyzing device for vacuum panel
                      2011          DE C  Main factory construction completed
                                    S EP  KM ENG (Vacuum Oven)
                                    AUG   SSD INC. (Autoclave)
                                    APR   SANDISK Factory in Shanghai, China (Vacuum Oven)

                      2010          NOV   KCC (Vacuum Chamber)
                                    MAY   LG Electronics (Vacuum Oven)
                                    FE B  Samsung Electronics (Vacuum Chamber)

                      2009          AUG   Samsung Factory in Shanghai, China (Vacuum Chamber)
                                    JUL   Samsung SDI (Multi Vacuum Oven)
                                    J AN  Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (Vacuum Furnace)
                      2008          S EP  Developed Autoclave for Touch panels
                                    AUG   Obtained Safety Certificate for Autoclave
                      2007          APR   Establishment of IREA TECH

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